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  • The Evolution of Digital Transformation

    Shalabh Moonat, Head of Sales at Builder.AI, will look at the move from code to no-code and how AI is transforming software development.

  • Digital Transformation

    Listen to Nate Clegg, CRO at, and Sean Spencer, VP of Marketing at, share how is transforming the digital world.

  • Engineering Lessons on How to Best Serve Your Customers

    In response to the pandemic, online wholesale marketplace Faire pioneered a virtual trade show model that exceeded demand expectations. Hear Marcelo Cortes, Chief Technology Officer at Faire, and Luca Beltrami, Head of Retailer Products at Faire, discuss how Faire’s distributed engineering team w...

  • Using AI to Make Meaningful Connections at Events

    Dennis Mortensen, VP of Product at Bizzabo, describes how meaningful connections lead to memorable (and successful) events.

  • Neuropulse: Measuring Engagement and Predicting Behavior

    Hyperquake uses neuroscience to identify when people are most and least moved— whether they’re walking through a physical experience, watching an ad, or testing a product. Join us as Sherwood Macveigh, Chief Strategic Officer at Hyperquake, shares what neuroscience teaches us how to identify what...

  • Crypto and Marketing

    In the unique world of crypto, marketing & communications necessitates a distinct approach. How should crypto projects speak to reporters, partners, their community, and the general public? Listen to Alison McCauley, Chief Advocacy Officer at Unfinished; Michelle O'Connor, VP of Marketing at TaxB...

  • How Purple is Engineering A Better Night’s Sleep

    Join Joe Megibow, CEO of Purple, as he shares how Purple is revolutionizing better sleep through their unique Purple grid.

  • Modern Tech + New Incentives = The Doctor’s Office of the Future, Today

    Rob Sebastian, Co-Founder of Forward, will propose we finally turn sickcare into healthcare. By combining primary and preventative care and using tech for efficiencies, we can drive the healthcare industry Forward.

  • Building Transformational Products with the Internet of Things

    Is your organization thinking about adding connectivity and intelligence to a device or solution? Join J. Lowry Snow, Worldwide Business Development Lead, IoT & Connected Home at Amazon Web Services, to learn about business and technology outcomes achieved by companies using IoT to transform prod...

  • Creating a Top Tier Culture: Your Employee Hero's Journey

    Being employed at your company should be more than just a job. Your employees should be on a transformative journey that levels them up in every way. Listen to how Ben Hodson, Co-Founder and CEO at JobNimbus, works with his team to create a first-class culture that improves & develops people.

  • How Lucid Rebuilt its Product Strategy Process

    As nearly every team shifted to remote working, Lucid decided to seize the opportunity in front of them and build a new product to support this new way of working. But, this meant figuring out how to transform its product strategy process, which led to an interesting experience of both building a...

  • Marketing With People at the Center

    In this panel, Charmaine Madamba, Director of Product Management - Consumer Outreach and Digital Services at VF Corporation; Manbir Sodhia, Head of Growth at Oura; Colleen Ferrier, Director of Marketing at Built; and Cinthia Packard, Head of Growth at Pura, discuss how their intense focus on cust...

  • Jeff Canter TED Talk

    Jeff Canter, COO at Nice inContact, shares his insights on how Nice inContact can help your company develop a greater customer experience.

  • Giveback Programs' Impact on Revenue, Recruitment, and Retention

    Join panelists Carol Hollowell, Executive Director at Switchpoint Community Resource Center; Rick Tolman, VP of Digital Demand Generation at SalesForce; John Barlow, Founder of Fresh Wolf, VIDA; Trina Limpert, CEO and Co-Founder at Tech Moms/RizeNext Corporation; and Tara Thue, President of Mount...

  • Why Utah? What the Tech Community Wants to Sustain Growth

    In September, Silicon Slopes Commons conducted a survey on what the tech community likes and dislikes about Utah to have a better understanding of what the community cares about. Listen to Joshua Aikens, Chief of Staff at Zonos; Brad Plothow, VP of Strategy at Intergalactic; Mateo Muñoz, COO at D...

  • How The Pandemic is Forcing Banks to Provide a Frictionless Lending Experience

    Listen to Brock Blake, CEO and Founder at Lendio, share how digital tranformation is transitioning and creating new business opportunities due to COVID-19.

  • How to: Customer Acquisition in 2021

    It's a new world in paid customer acquisition: how do you navigate it? Join Rachel Hofstetter, CMO at Chatbooks; Alli Crook, Senior Manager of Ecommerce at Freshly Picked; Tyler Folklman, Head of AI at Branded Entertainment Network; Tony Mickelsen, Head of Growth at Neighbor; and Gerardo Castillo...

  • Digital Marketing Landscape and the Rise of ML

    Discussing the digital marketing landscape and the rise of ML with a panel of Overstock's digital marketers and machine learning experts: Casey Holbrook, Nathan Jeo, Nishan Subedi, and Maquel Shaw. This panel will dive into several marketing topics including privacy, machine learning, marketing t...

  • Why We Should Ship Solutions Fast and How You Can Accelerate

    We all want to build rocket ships that will solve problems for our customers, but are we working on the right ship? Brandon Mitchell, Principal Product Manager at Intuit, discusses how to accelerate the creation of your experiences and get the evidence needed to ensure teams are on the right track.

  • Would You Date Your Brand?

    Join Bob Carroll, CEO of the top dating app in Utah, Mutual, as he explores the market needs of Gen Z and the changing landscape of branding and marketing.

  • The Moment That We Are In

    Join Jason Taylor, CTO/CISO at Entrata; Tony Blackham, CISO at; Sherrie Cowley, Head of Security Operations at 3M; and Jed Brunson, Chief Information Officer at Pattern, in a discussion addressing the moment that we are living in in relation to the security and data of our organizati...

  • Building a Healthcare Technology Company in the Age of COVID

    Listen to Ben Lambert, General Partner at Pelion Venture Partners; Ted Ferrin, Co-Founder and CEO at Rivet Health; Curtis Anderson, Co-Founder and CEO at Nursa; Yarone Goren, COO and Co-Founder at SteadyMD; and Stephen Rossi, CRO at Solv, share their insights into building healthcare companies in...

  • Breaking Down the Business of Cybercrime

    Darren Lee, EVP & GM of Compliance and Digital Risk at Proofpoint, takes us on a journey into the criminal underworld of cybercrime and its evolution from a handful of programmers working from their basements, to international crime syndicates and state-sponsored cyberattacks. How does a ransomwa...

  • Gamification: Inspiring Engagement

    Gamification is the application of game mechanics for non-game activities that require engagement. Brenner Adams, CIO at Food Truck League, will explore an overview of gamification with a few examples on various ends of the game spectrum, and then dive more deeply into how to apply SAPS in your d...