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  • The Power of a Fully Connected Brand and Experience

    As our world continues to evolve and values shift, a brand has to shift as well. Brands need to identify how they add value and connect the dots for their customers to make them trustworthy, relatable, and desired. Join us as Colin Crotty, CEO of Hyperquake, speaks about the importance of a holis...

  • NFTs

    In this panel, Euan Macdonald, CIO and InfiniteWorld; Solo Ceesay, Co-Founder and COO and Calaxy; and Nicki Sanders, Principle Software Engineer at TaxBit, discuss the past, present, and future of NFTs, including untapped use cases.

  • The Future of NFT Fashion and the Metaverse

    Chris Le discusses the important role NFTs will play in the fashion and the metaverse.

  • Why is Everyone Donating Cryptocurrency?

    The world's largest nonprofits now accept cryptocurrency donations. Crypto isn't a new donation method. It's a donor demographic. Listen to Alex Wilson, Co-Founder of The Giving Block, explain why the world's wealthiest donors are choosing crypto.

  • Shaping the Arc of Humanity by Creating Transformative Cultures

    Nate Gardner, CCO at MX, and Brock Blake, CEO and Founder at Lendio, share their insights into building a strong customer experience.

  • Your Employer Brand: Visible, Meaningful, Essential

    Amy Frampton, Head of Marketing at Bamboo HR, shares her insights into creating a memorable and meaningful brand.

  • Improve Performance Without a Carrot or Stick

    The key to unlocking cooperation in both horses and employees is similar if not the same. Horses and people need vision, patience, training, motivation, and a confident leader. With both horses and humans, we have to learn how to inspire trust and enforce boundaries. Listen to Chris Fryer, CPO at...

  • Marketing and Brand

    Absent a large brand budget, what are creative ways to leverage online community to help develop your brand? Jeff Smith, CEO of Smule, will share how community-generated content creation drives brand awareness and engagement for the world's most popular singing app.

  • Transforming the Future of Cancer Care

    Helmy Eltoukhy, Co-Founder of Guardant Health, has navigated through the challenges of bringing breakthrough innovation into routine cancer care, based on his own experience bringing to market the first FDA-approved comprehensive liquid biopsy for patients with advanced cancer: Guardant360. Liste...

  • Creating a Culture of Inclusion at PNC

    In this fireside chat, Vicki Henn, Chief Human Resources Officer at PNC Financial Services Group, discusses the latest efforts of PNC to create an inclusive company culture. Moderated by Caitlin Hansen, Director of Communications and OnAir Host at Silicon Slopes.

  • Julie Wainwright Fireside Chat

    Listen to Julie Wainwright, CEO and Founder of The RealReal, and Chip Baird, Managing Partner at GreyLion Capital, discuss their marketing and branding efforts in their respective companies.

  • Play to Earn: The Future of Work

    Gabby Dizon, Co-Founder of Yield Guild Games, was at the genesis of the play-to-earn movement when players in a rural town in the Philippines started turning to the game to replace their lost income opportunities in the time of COVID-19. In this talk, Gabby breaks down the mechanics of play-to-ea...

  • Lessons From the Fastest Growing Cybersecurity Company

    Within nine months of writing the first lines of code, Wiz became a unicorn. Learn how Assaf Rappaport and his team went from 0 to $100 Million in less than a year and the mistakes and lessons that helped them build the fastest growing cybersecurity company.

  • Building Iconic Brands With Authentic Storytelling and Notable Celebrities

    Shaun Neff, named the brand whisperer by Forbes, has built and sold several consumer brands and has advised for some of the top companies in the world, such as Target, Robinhood, and Sony. Shaun will share his unique journey and approach to authentic brand building and share insight on today's ev...

  • Trent Kaufman Keynote

    Trent Kaufman, CEO and Co-Founder of Cicero Group, conducted research in the Silicon Slopes community and found that many employees are unhappy for one main reason: micromanagement. Trent shares that the anecdote to micromanagement is leaders providing clear expectations and leadership coaching, ...

  • Fireside Chat with Doug Merritt and Josh James

    Doug Merritt, the President and CEO of Splunk, is passionate about grit, tenacity, and heart. Listen as he and Josh James, Founder and CEO of DOMO, discuss how these qualities - along with product market fit, strategic pricing optimization, ecosystems, and more work together to create successful ...

  • The Future of Utah Healthcare

    1 in 3 Americans ration their healthcare because they can’t afford it. According to Dr. Marc Harrison, that is an inexcusable fact in the richest nation on Earth. Listen to Governor Michael Leavitt; Dr. Michael Good, University of Utah Health CEO; and Dr. Marc Harrison, Intermountain Healthcare P...

  • Jonathan Johnson Keynote

    Corporate culture reaches the core of a company and impacts every aspect of a business. Jonathan Johnson, CEO of, shares how Overstock’s corporate culture brings purpose and priorities to the way they do business by giving employees both autonomy and engagement. Additionally, Overst...

  • Fireside Chat with Governor Spencer Cox and Clint Betts

    The purpose of Silicon Slopes is to extend access to opportunity for all. Silicon Slopes is not what it is without all of Utah. In order to thrive, Silicon Slopes and the rest of Utah must come together in love and understanding. Join this fireside chat with Governor Spencer Cox and Silicon Slope...

  • A Discussion With Austin Woodward, Hong Fang, Johan Gerber, and Dave Jevans

    According to Austin Woodward, TaxBit Co-Founder and CEO, cryptocurrency is the gateway to digital assets in the tokenized economy, and 2022 will be the year of tokenization. Listen to Austin and the other panelists – Johan Gerber, MasterCard Executive Vice President of Security & Cyber Innovation...

  • Gail Miller Keynote

    Gail Miller is the Owner of Larry H. Miller Group of Companies, the 2nd largest privately owned automotive dealership group in the nation. In this keynote, Gail shares why Utah is important to her family and those at Larry H. Miller. The Larry H .Miller Group focuses on hard work, integrity, stew...

  • Fireside Chat with Chris Kemp and Garrett Clark

    Astra was the first space tech company to go public, and the Astra team is creating a new platform for entrepreneurs to build satellites around the world. Additionally, the team at Astra is creating rockets and satellites to improve the world and solve problems globally. In this discussion, Chris...

  • Fireside Chat with Henry Schuck, Jeff Thomas, and Dave Elkington

    ZoomInfo started in 2007 as a data and software company. Now, ZoomInfo is changing the dynamics of the sales and marketing industry by disrupting the way we engage and interact with customers. In this discussion, Jeff Thomas, Nasdaq Senior Vice President; Henry Schuck, ZoomInfo Co-Founder and CEO...

  • Deb Liu Keynote

    When Deb Liu, CEO of Ancestry, was interviewing for a position early in her career, she was unsure if she was qualified for the position. When she asked her recruiter “Why me?”, her recruiter responded with a striking question: “Why not you?” Listen to Deb share how she overcame her shy tendencie...