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  • Building and Scaling a Mission-Driven Company

    MX helps the world's leading companies power the money experience for their customers. MX Founder and CEO, Ryan Caldwell, sits down with MX's CCO, Nate Gardner, to discuss how the company came to be and advice for other entrepreneurs looking to build their next startup.

  • Top 4 Critical Mistakes Startups Make When Designing and Manufacturing a Product

    Brian Sather, CEO of Blacksmith International, a global supply chain management firm, explains the four most common critical errors that startup entrepreneurs make when designing, manufacturing, and shipping a product. Avoiding these mistakes will save you thousands of dollars and months of your ...

  • Creating Local, Effective Products

    Dustless Technologies was founded in Price, Utah when Spencer Loveless wanted to change the manufacturing in his hometown. He noticed that products made in the U.S. tend to have a cheaper price but are often cheaper in quality. His goal at Dustless Technologies is to make high quality products at...

  • Pioneering a Future with Zero Sick Days

    Although pathogens are evolving, the ways we kill them and the chemicals we use haven’t changed. These discoveries lCOVID illuminated the fact that pathogens have evolved, but the tools and tech we use to combat them have not. It was this observation that led co-founders, Grant Morgan and Eli Har...

  • Lessons Learned While Building a Billion-Dollar Business

    Jonathan Johnson has learned five main lessons from being the CEO of Overstock. Listen as he shares those lessons, which include saving paperclips (controlling expenses carefully), fostering a culture of creativity, and learning and living your unique leadership style.

  • A Platform for Organizational Engagement

    Kamel Greene discusses the story of founding Poly Platform – an engagement platform for organizations of all sizes, streamlining companies with internal communication, schools with student engagement, and municipalities with resident engagement. Listen to Kamel speak on the unique ways he navigat...

  • The TurboTax of Cryptocurrency

    TaxBit is a cryptocurrency platform that connects all of your transactions. Filing your taxes and making tax optimized trades is easier than ever. TaxBit’s original goal was to do something ambitious with currency, and now, TaxBit is the TurboTax of cryptocurrency. See how Austin Woodward, CEO of...

  • Good Food + Good Service = Customers

    Blake and Brandon Barkdull began their business when they bought a rundown pink food truck in Provo. Now, Penguin Brothers caters at weddings, family gatherings, and its own venues in Provo and Salt Lake City. Listen to how Blake and Brandon serve delicious ice cream sandwiches while focusing on ...

  • Combining Economics With Inclusion

    Blake McClary, GM of Expense Management at Divvy, shares his take on Utah’s reputation problem and how all of us can influence Utah for the better. Blake explains that the best way to practice business is to pair economic practices with equity and inclusion efforts.

  • Summiting Peaks: The Entrepreneurial Climb

    What will make you a better entrepreneur and leader? Cody Broderick has learned many entrepreneurial lessons on his way to founding InWhatLanguage – a platform that unifies people through innovative language solutions.

  • Get Outside Your Network

    Peter Ord, Founder and CEO of GuideCX, discusses his process of starting a business and going from bootstrapping to Series A funding. Peter also talks about the path to gaining unicorn status and the value in getting outside your own network to gain valuable advice, funding, and support.

  • A Glimpse Into a Larger World

    Chad Linebaugh, President at Sundance, worked with Robert Redford for 15 years. Some lessons he learned along the way include authenticity, embracing customer stories, and recognizing the power of place in the overall customer experience. Listen to learn how you can help customers have a glimpse ...

  • Power in Sticking It Out

    Clint Reid, founder and CEO of Zonos, has seen his company grow from a two-person operation in the back of a warehouse to a projected team of 120 employees by the end of 2021. If your company has something special to offer, stick it out through the hard times, and don’t surrender!

  • The Ultimate Entrepreneurial Experience

    Shauna Smith states that "the walls talk" in their restaurants – every element of the dining experience speaks positively or negatively to the overall experience of a consumer. Listen to Shauna, CEO of Savory Restaurant Fund, and Andrew, Managing Director of Savory Restaurant Fund, share the way ...

  • From Plan A to Plan D

    Dave and Liz Findlay, co-founders of Albion Fit, had to go through Plan A, Plan B, Plan C, and finally, Plan D to create their successful business. They experienced moving to Guatemala, losing all of their factory production tools, and buying an office space in City Creek Center in Salt Lake City...

  • Taking Care of Yourself and Your Business

    Listen to Ana Van Pelt, Jainee Dial, and Teri Toto talk about their experiences in the Utah Outdoor Association (UOA) sector of business. These women share their experiences with being an entrepreneur, dealing with burnout, and being honest with yourself and others on how your business is doing.

  • Failing Your Way to Success

    Kurt Workman has learned his greatest lessons through sharing his greatest failure stories with others. Listen to Kurt, co-founder and CEO of Owlet, share how these failures led him to build one of the most successful brands for new mothers as well as how small adjustments have led to great succe...

  • Be a Curious Explorer

    As the world continues to change, you must be willing to adapt. Those who are willing to adapt and explore will be our future leaders. Listen to Steve Sonnenberg, founder and CEO of Awardco, share his personal journey of going from bankruptcy to growing one of the fastest growing companies in the...

  • From Musicians to Businesses

    When Scott Warner founded Gigg, he wanted to create a software that would help artists share music with their fans, engage with existing fans, and find new fans. Now, Gigg has grown to become a social media tool as well, helping businesses understand their customer base and generate useful content.

  • Start Small, Expand Rapidly

    Although Eric Rea, founder of Podium, and Dennis Steele, co-founder of Podium, started their business going door-to-door asking businesses if they were interested in their software, Podium has since grown to be one of the most successful startups in Utah. Listen to Eric and Dennis share the found...

  • Go Fast, Grow Fast

    Jay Davis, founder and CEO of Creatably, shares that many startups overlook the ability to grow and scale quickly. Growing quickly requires your company to look past long-held assumptions about how to scale a company. Learn solutions on how to quickly grow your business while solving customer pai...

  • Lessons From an Unlikely Innovator

    Ian Shelledy, Director of The Community Foundation, never saw himself as an entrepreneur or an innovator. However, when he discovered a new definition for entrepreneurship, he saw the power that entrepreneurship offers to embrace and resolve challenges. What are the problems most worth solving, a...

  • Embracing a Positive Company Culture

    How important is company culture? According to Leia Bordley, Parker Hansen, Brandon Fish, and Ben Peterson, company culture needs to be one of the top three priorities of your company and encouraged by the CEO and other leaders in the company. Otherwise, the company culture will naturally build i...

  • How Diversity Can Benefit Your Startup's Bottom Line

    Diversity leads to more creativity, stronger sales, and increased investor interest within a company. Hear how Roy Banks, the only black CEO of a Utah unicorn company, strives to create a diverse and inclusive workplace at Weave and why diversity should matter to every startup.