• Sundance: The Slopes of Silicon Slopes

    Sundance is a brand that is tied to a place - a beautiful resort where beginner and professional skiiers can come take a breathe of relief. Chad Linebaugh, President and General Manager of Sundance, feels indebted to Sundance for helping him "get into the flow" of his career and finding his true ...

  • The Slopes Belong to Everyone

    Individuals with complex disabilities have access to alpine skiing like never before, all thanks to the work from Jeffery Rosenbluth, the late Brian McKenna, Tetradapt, and the University of Utah Health. Watch now to see the Inaugural Brian McKenna TetraSki Express race and celebration featuring ...

  • Kickstart Seed Fund: Achieving The Impossible

    Collaborative. Driven. Grounded. Fun. These are some of the words Kickstart Seed Fund employees use to describe Gavin Christensen. Gavin has always felt like an entrepreneur at heart, and Kickstart Seed Funding loves helping companies achieve what wasn't possible before by helping them receive fu...

  • Traeger Grills: A Company that Teaches How to Cook and Embrace Challenges

    Jeremy Andrus states that Traeger employees are doing more than building objects; they are teaching people how to cook. Jeremy loves creating a workplace culture and lifestyle where employees are motivated to see challenges as opportunities instead of difficulties.