For Utah, From Utah

  • Powering the Future: The Lion Energy and American Battery Factory Combo

    The ability to store and deliver power on demand, particularly in portable settings, is a
    challenge two interrelated American Fork, Utah companies are addressing: One a 10-
    year-old and highly successful firm, and the other a nascent manufacturing firm focused
    on a vision as vast as the Rocky M...

  • Two University Presidents Join Forces To Build Frontline DEI In Utah

    In an exclusive interview with the President’s of the University of Utah and Howard University, Silicon Slopes’ CEO and Co-Founder, Clint Betts, explores the topics of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion as the two universities enter the third year of a partnership that brings black students to Utah...

  • Sundance: The Slopes of Silicon Slopes

    Sundance is a brand that is tied to a place - a beautiful resort where beginner and professional skiiers can come take a breathe of relief. Chad Linebaugh, President and General Manager of Sundance, feels indebted to Sundance for helping him "get into the flow" of his career and finding his true ...

  • Warriors vs. Seawolves

  • The Courage to Give a Chance

    We all need courage in order to begin. Communities built on encouragement, support, and opportunities given fuel the dreams that change the world.

  • Facebook Founder & CEO Mark Zuckerberg

    In January 2020, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg traveled to Salt Lake City, Utah for an interview with Clint Betts at Silicon Slopes Tech Summit.